So Grateful

I have had issues,
And I can now admit...
I still have a problem forgiving
Those who in my face spit!
And others who blatantly
Told lies
To slander my name across town.
I am not blissfully wishing them good fortune,
Although I'm trying to forget,
I had wished them a deep six
In the ground!

With heartbreak and faith
Tinged with emotional drain...
I pray everyday
To My Father,
'Please keep me sane! '

And after many years of biting my lip,
I can say that the darkness I gripped
Is pulling away from me,
With a satisfaction I hold that fits!

I can now shout 'hallelujah'...
With a joy and happiness.
I am so grateful I used my head,
Instead of dreading I had used my fists!

('...on a bunch of useless, worthless bitches! ')


I am still working to improve, My Father!
After all...
You 'still' have me listed,
As a 'work-in-progress'!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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