So Has A Daisy Vanished


So has a Daisy vanished
From the fields today—
So tiptoed many a slipper
To Paradise away—

Oozed so in crimson bubbles
Day's departing tide—
Are ye then with God?

by Emily Dickinson

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Our Emily is philosophizing again and doing so beautifully and metaphysically again. The poem is only 8 small lines long, yet there is so much passing through it.This time about a daisy's death. Of course it is not the daisy's death we want to see- we don't want to think we are a daisy in a field of dying daisies. But we must accept it because it is an inescapable part of our natures. I don't think she's talking about a real lady's slipper flower? I think she's talking about every human being. We're all only a field of flowers away from death. She asks Are ye then with God? - are we right with God? Is there a Heaven? She wants to know as we all - is there an afterlife when we have crossed over?