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So Here Am I
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So Here Am I

So here am I
Sat on top of the world and looking down
At the whirlpool of life
Watching peoples lives
See their faces pass me by
I see some of them are fearful
Tearful. Terror in the eyes
While others laugh out loud
As they enjoy the next surprise
Me? I take no chances
And simply sit here just outside

So here am I
Perched on the rim of this big bowl of life
Tracking the live swirling by
Asking why and wondering
Peering in and pondering
Could that be me?
What would I be?
Would I sink or would I swim
If I just dived in

So here am I
Just outside the things outside
Just looking in
Watch the world go by
At my comfortably safe distance
So I ask myself
How ould it be to be involved in all this mayhem?
To take that dive and plunge right in
Take that risk so many have taken
And leave my world, my safety forsaken

So here am I
Backing away from the edge
I'm in no shape to decide
For now I'll stay outside
Outside the chaos and keeping dry
Asking no more questions why

So here am I
Staying away
Keep my questions at bay
Save them up for another day
Pretending not to hear the people who say
'Jump in, dive in, come on in and swim
Feel the warmth, feel the friction
Live this life addiction'
Convince myself it's fiction
Yes, it's fiction

So here am I
In my own little world
Dream my dreams
Sketch my schemes
Entertain and be the fool
But keeping clear of that pool
Till curiosity builds so big
And I'm bursting at the seams
When I'm just about to split
Well, maybe then I might submit
And the whirlpool? Let it eddy
'Cos me, I'm just not ready.

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