Hiraeth, Old Bombay

I would have taken you to the Naz Café
if it had not shut down.
I would have taken you to the Naz Café
for the best view and the worst food in town.

We would have drunk flat beer and cream soda
and sweated on plastic chairs at the Naz Café.
We would have looked down over the dusty trees
at cars creeping along Marine Drive, round the bay
to Eros Cinema and the Talk of the Town.

We would have held hands in the Naz Café
over sticky rings on the table-top,
knee locked on knee at the Naz Café,
while we admired the distant Stock Exchange,
Taj Mahal Hotel, Sassoon Dock, Gateway.

We would have nursed a drink at the Naz Café
and you would have stolen a kiss from me.
We would have lingered in the Naz Cafe
till the day slid off the map into the Arabian sea.

I would have taken you to Bombay
if its name had not slid into the sea.
I would have taken you to the place called Bombay
if it were still there and if you were still here,
I would have taken you to the Naz café.

by Imtiaz Dharker

Comments (7)

It is a beautiful poem expressing the idea of mankind. So I gave my 10.
A truly wonderful bouquet, Konjit... well done! ! Brian
Konjit, you are indeed an exquisite flower and I am happy to smile at you over the great distance between us. I pray you're smiling also. Uriah
Very original metaphor and admirable sentiment - let us all cherish both the unity and the variety of this beautiful world in which we live together. Thanks, Koni, for this poem.
Konjit, it's truly beautiful, this poem of yours. I love how you have referred to all our different colours as colors of flowers. Yes, a mixed bunch would be the prettiest! ! ! Preets
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