So I Am A Black Flower....! ! !

The planet is a garden
We the people are the plants
God is the gardener
And he didn't want to have one-colored flowers
But...variety with different and especial qualities

So i am a black flower
And you could be a yellow one
Or else a white, brown or red like the sun
And when he gathers all the flowers (that's us people)
In to a bunch, that's what makes him smile

So let's unite for the sake of beauty
Make life a happy one as if it is a duty

So i am a black flower
What color are you?
Do you mind joining us and be a branch?
For you will add beauty too...! !

26 july 2006

by Konjit Berhane

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Comments (7)

It is a beautiful poem expressing the idea of mankind. So I gave my 10.
A truly wonderful bouquet, Konjit... well done! ! Brian
Konjit, you are indeed an exquisite flower and I am happy to smile at you over the great distance between us. I pray you're smiling also. Uriah
Very original metaphor and admirable sentiment - let us all cherish both the unity and the variety of this beautiful world in which we live together. Thanks, Koni, for this poem.
Konjit, it's truly beautiful, this poem of yours. I love how you have referred to all our different colours as colors of flowers. Yes, a mixed bunch would be the prettiest! ! ! Preets
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