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So I Have Learn

don't ask the price
when you can't meet the cost,
and don't say to much
if you can't back it up
and never ever turn your back
even if nobody there
so I have learn
now you don't get dress up
if you can't play the part
and you don't go flashing money
if you don't have any
so I have learn
now you don't get into there game
if you can't follow the rules,
and you don't mess with another man lady
even if she smiles at you,
and you don't steal a drunken man dreams
and use them
so I have learn
now you don't bet a sure thing
when you can't afford to lose it,
and you don't try to hide
when they come to collect
and you don't pretend
to have a Friend in your pocket
when you know you don't
[so I have learn

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