So I'M... Gay

My name is Dan, and because of you,
I walk with my head down, ashamed to look people in the eye.
My name is Dan, and because of you,
I cannot be free to be who I am, and every time I have to lie.

by Dan Brown Click to read full poem

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wow you are so talented
Very nice dan
You tell it as it is and I have been there every step of the way I wish i could say it gets beter but we all know we have to quicker better cleverer to get where we want to be so I say hold up your head and be proud to be Gay
Are you kidding me? It's someone else's fault that Dan is sad! I get that you're gay, Dan (you've made that abundantly clear) , but at least be a man about it, and quit trying to blame me for your unhappiness. This poem is embarrassing to read, and the comments are embarrassing too. You all shouldn't be encouraging Dan's crybaby complaining- you're just enabling him. Dan, hopefully you're still young and can buck-up and take responsibility for yourself, act like a man (a gay man) - someone we can all be inspired by and not feel pity for.
Hey Dan! I'm a really stright guy but I really like your poem, I have a friend who is also gay but I never minded it, I think gay people are very courageous and friendly...though how much I like ya'll, I still ain't changing sides... :) A big 10 for you!
I like this poem.
hell ya man im only bi but damn i loved it you got bigger balls than me by far lol metaphoricly speaking Dan's people...... sounds good
Hey cutee I love you you got the biggest balls in the whole town: D I love ya mothafucka freaking gay
my name is Renee and i just loved what you wrote: D very honet, very touching and very easy to read i truely loved it
AMEN! So perfectly said... Dan, I hope that you take this one and publish it everywhere humanly possible. This one could really make a difference in someone's life, and maybe even give someone the hope they need to go on! Three loud cheers from across the pond! ! !
Hello, Dan... I admire your poems.... and I admire you. Your poem speaks volumes. I'm glad you have found happiness and a sense of belonging in just being YOU. May we all find ourselves and live our lives being our true selves. Society doesn't always make that easy... as you have described so well in this poem. I give it a great big 10.
A person is a person no matter what style they choose. It does not mean they do not have a heart.Who are we to judge, I know of only ONE who had the right to judge.
gr8 job Dan...i know how you feel... i hav pure hatred towards those who go out of their way to tell others their digust of gay ppl...gr8 job once again on how u xpress urslef Love, Tori
Good poem Dan lifes to short for prejudice. Did you write it for the book Benjamin and Melissa are putting together? Seamus
Courageous and powerful poem, Dan. If people spent more time trying to make the world a better place for us ALL to live, instead of obsessing with what each other is doing in the bedroom, then things would be a lot better on this earth. You write beautiful poems and have every right to live, love, and be happy.
Well written Dan. You tell the homaphobic narrow minds. Being Gay is just being in my book. I have three son's and I swear to god, it would not bother me one tiny bit if any of them declared their Gayness. Be proud of who you are and remember, No ones opinion of you matters more than yours. A great poem on the freedom of sexual preference. It makes me sick all the Gay guys are so damned good looking though! lol Grinning at you, Tai
And, Dan, you're one hell of a fine Man for coming out with this. Humbling and painful. And well-written. Every respect to you sire, and hold your head very high.. t x