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So I Think, I Live
RKV (1985- / India)

So I Think, I Live

Life's a collection of different perspectives.
Perspectives inturn give me too many questions.
The very moment when I find all the answers,
for the countless questions I have, life ends.
Not mine, but of the questions! !

New questions arise when I ponder more.
If there weren't any questions, there isn't my life.
But, perspectives do exist even if I don't.
So, I live my life amidst all the perspectives.
Not mine, but of the nature! !

The riason d'etre of my existence is to find
answers to the puzzles that nature had created.
I, human being, being the creature of this nature,
play time traveler to reveal the unknown secrets.
Not mine, but of the perspectives! !

'And so I think, I live'. Raghav!

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