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So I Write You This Letter

So I Write You This Letter
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, August 12,2015

How could I not see?
Right there standing in front of me
Hidden in plain sight
Out of my mind and left behind

Obscured for I couldn't see it
Strange how I couldn't grasp it
It was not the way I planned it
For I had it and didn't know it

I let it slip through my fingers
I had no time to linger
Realized too late I the loser
Saw the image yet not the picture

So now it's gone forever
Assumed I the one that was clever
Now I dwell in a bottle of liquor
Wishing days would just go quicker

I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror
For the summer had turned to a callous winter
Silent streams down that old lazy river
Old bones can no longer stand and deliver

Scorching are the nights filled with fever
Feelings I've tried desperately to cover
Hoping one day it will all be better
So I write you this simple letter

Hope all is going well
I miss you deeply, can't you tell
Life now seems like a living hell
Quiet storms I must quell

So as the tears fall and hits the paper
Breath turns to an icy cold vapor
Launched to the sky from a skyscraper
A shining star took me far

It all went up in a ghastly blaze
Side to side the ship sways
The air is chilled requiring sweaters
You couldn't find meaning between the letters

Heavy-laden burdens to retain
Took a trip on a paper plane
Ropes snaps under a hefty stain
For it was only sparkling wine and not Champagne

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