WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

So It All Ends

So it All Ends
Wilfred Charles Mellers Tuesday, December 28,2010

Well, well, ain't this about a stitch
Lying here bloody in a stinking ditch
Waiting on the good lord to come along
Thinking of what went wrong

Clothing torn as all hope shattered
Who I am or was truly never mattered
Achievements came seldom few
What was I suppose to do

Words no longer express
My life was such a mess
Waiting for it to start
But it was always falling apart

No beginning just a bitter end
Pockets empty without a farthing to lend
Back broken for too far I have bent
My entire life so irrelevant

So here I lay waiting on the hour
Demons now my soul devour
No more the bashful wallflower
My stomach no longer sour

No longer down on my knees
No more having to beg, please
Darkness now all I see
No more they shall remember me

No more days sunny and bright
Ever long comes the night
Fading slowly as they walk bye
They could care less if I live or die

They see me there and they are aware
Along with their business for they don't care
Another victim of the street
He never saw his life complete

Never was the great athlete
No fancy shoes on my feet
No politician I tried to unseat
Never was my life sweet

All good things must come to an end
Time no one can suspend
In this life, you have not a friend
For it was all just for pretend

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