So Lets Hear It For Australia

Quite distinctive from other races of Aussies one can say
For to be kind to strangers is the Australian way
The good Australian person is in any way not small
And when speaking of a fair go means a fair go for all

Like anywhere else you will find racism in Australia of varying degrees
But it is not true that all Australians are anti refugees
Politicians for the large redneck voting block of Stateless people broadcast fear
But of the compassionate and kind Australians far too little we do hear

Australia of the far southern hemisphere a big and marvelous Land
And why so many wish to migrate to there one can well understand
A land of varying climates where the weather is mostly fine
Of amazing flora and fauna and beautiful sunshine

That Australians are good people few with this could disagree
Where people of different cultures and backgrounds and religions of persecution do live free
Which is more than for most Countries that anyone can say
So lets hear it for Australia a lusty hip hooray.

by Francis Duggan

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