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So Little I Do Know
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So Little I Do Know

Poem By Francis Duggan

I have not learned that much from life since i went to school
Far north of Illowa in the Moyne Shire close to Warrnambool
In Millstreet Town in Duhallow near where i lived for many years
For the what used to be i have shed my last tears

On my seventieth year i have come to realize so little of life i do know
But my wonderment at the ways of Nature never does cease to grow
And though knowledge is boundless it is not a lie
That from life we never stop learning till the day we do die

To know it all people ignorance has to be bliss
That they do know little the point they do miss
Since they believe they know it all they are lucky indeed
Of knowledge of any sort they are not in need

So little of people and nature i know of years past my life's prime
And since i am one of those who is running out of time
So little i do know i have come to realize
But we learn as we live in the words of the wise.

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