Lack Of Love (Disappointment)

Seems I set myself up for failure without knowledge of knowing
You've lacked what I need, and I found myself disappointed each and everyday
See, I've become unhappy.... but, I made no effect to exit from this
Being in denial, I was holding myself hostage in a unhealthy situation
Part of the reason why I stay, would only be because I got stuck in the mindset
of never being able to find anyone else who could be interested in me
or who could ever be able to love me
Growing so attached to you that I forget the life I once lived before there was a you
Part of me would like to at once in my life receive the kind of love
I have never had growing up
Being that it's so difficult for me to end it on my own
I had the help of friends and family to assist me with the departure
taking the first steps to a positive future
having fought my addiction
I got to learn to one be a bestfriend to myself
Openning the door to all the feelings....I've kept locked for so long
I mustn't get sidetracked, I got to stay focused
Set realistic goals that will further me in life
Picturing myself away from all the disappointments
And to have also find myself closer to gaining true happiness
Never forgetting that it all must first start at home
First, I have to find strength, love and support in me
Then, will I be able to again be in a relationship
which unlike the ones in the past is one-hundred percent healthy.

by Marcquiese Burrell

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