So Long

I'm amazed of
how much I moved on.
I used to long for your calls,
and my stomach used to pop butterflies when you did
but now my hearts does not even crush when you hang up on me.
I used to love your optimistic attitude,
fell in love with it actually,
but, that too, I am tired of.
The words of encouragement,
the compliments,
the (false) assurance..
yeah, I lost my care for those too.
I can't believe it took me
so long to move on from you.
And now that I finally did,
you can tell me how much you missed my voice
and my presence
and call and call everyday like you do
and continue to smile when I speak a word
and rap your love poems about me
but nothing is ever going to bring back the feelings I felt for you.
You had the chance to fix this.
But you chose an alternative.
Now you're running back to me
after you got your heart broken once more.
But I'm not your go-to-girl
I refuse to fall for you
& quite frankly, now it's too late.
So long to what we used to share.
So long to what I used to feel for you.
So long.

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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