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So Long Ago
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

So Long Ago

Poem By Marilyn Lott

There was once a little settlement
Good folks lived there long ago
They worked hard to build a town
So their daily life could flow

They came from many places
A new future they would build
Young couples fell in love
A commitment then was sealed

They went to church on Sunday
Made the best life that they could
Transportation wasn’t easy
With wagons made of wood

Crossing the river in wagons
Was such a treacherous journey
Many didn’t make it through
At times seemed like an eternity

Then cars came on the scene
Rustic service stations appeared
A new great mode of travel
Fewer problems then were feared

More people joined their world
The town soon filled to the brim
General stores built for shopping
Life wasn’t quite so grim

The world opened up for them
So many new places to go
Life’s pieces fell in place
In those years so long ago!

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Comments (2)

once upon a time, the new settlements.what a nostalgic. its so beautiful marilyn.you reminds me of my roots too.thanks sis.
I often wonder about how life was long ago and how we are 'fortunate' to be able to travel much longer distances in such shorter times and have much more time to do so many things in so many new ways. People, I found, no matter where they live or when are basically the same, experiencing the same desires, needs, problems, expressing the same feelings and emotions, etc. Life's pieces are always falling in place but not like those of a puzzle pre-cut.