So Long, Yet Far Away (M. V.)

I've often told of her before
And I will tell thee now.
That Autumn many years ago;
It lingers still, somehow.

In glancing up again I saw
The girl I'd seen before.
A maiden dark I still recall,
Too special to ignore.

I stood, this time, not far away.
She seldom came so near.
I hoped and prayed she'd notice me.
Why was I gripped with fear?

She wore a cloth of simple spin.
Twas not much I confess.
It dawned on me, as she approached,
I thought of her no less.

The closer to her sphere I drew,
The nearer more she came;
I realized and then could tell,
True love, was sure to blame.

She pushed her glasses on her nose,
So better she might see.
Then smiled a most delightful grin;
And looked so sweet at me.

I couldn't speak a word back then.
She mesmerized you know.
I doubt if she could comprehend
How much I loved her so.

She said, ' Hello ', and touched my arm
And winked a little too;
Then turned her head and stroked her hair,
The way girls like to do.

My eyes met hers, and there they are;
As ever they have stayed.
I wondered then, as I do now.
What mistake had I made?

She talked as though she knew me well,
Though we'd met but once before.
Twas then I knew, this love was doomed.
I'd lost at love, once more.

She said she couldn't stay too long.
She had to meet someone.
As if to make it, oh so clear;
I'd never be the one.

She didn't have to bother though,
I knew it anyway.
Another love, was mine to keep;
So long, yet far away.


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love always seems to work that way doesn't it. just when you think they are the one and you seem so happy, it gets stripped from you. very touching and heartfelt piece.
oh, oh, tsk, tsk, thought it had a happy ending..nevertheless, this is a lovely and romantic
Love at first sight.... sigh. Have you thought about a novel? ? ? T
That was simply awesome....I loved it
simply and truly beautiful! your poem makes me smile, you are a true poet
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