So Lost With You So Far Away

I wounder around in the dark
I'm looking for you but all I see is black
I'm so lost with out you here
I can't live if I know that I'll never be able to feel your touch again
I thought that I would give it time
And maybe the pain would subside
But the longer I go with out you by my side the more it hurts
I think about you everyday
I cry myself to sleep on the nights that I can't take it anymore
I'm just so scared that I'll never be able to see you again
Even if you no longer say that you love me
As long as I know that your ok
I'll be able to go on with my day
I'll be able to put on a smile even if it's only fake
But I would die if I knew that I wouldn't be able to see you again
I'm so lost with out you
Don't leave me now
Not when I need you so bad
I'll just be hurt again and I don't think that I could take it any more
So please don't leave me in this dark
This dark that is inside myself
Or I'll just have to break down and scream

by Shannon Ann

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the story of my life xoxoxoxxxxx Black Rose