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So Lucky Indeed Are They

So lucky indeed are they who are not greedy who with what they have got feel quite satisfied
Who never do wish they were wealthy and famous and by luck in any feel they have never been denied
They feel privileged they have enough for to comfortably live on and poverty never did have to endure
They never do envy others their successes and feel happy to live as financially secure
They have no wish for to be known as successful and a higher profile they do not desire
With what they have in life they do seem quite happy in them one can say there is much to admire
In a time when so many people in their lives are not happy they crave recognition through life's success
I do envy the people in their lives contented since others they do not feel the need to impress
Some of the wealthy and famous seem not at all happy which leaves one to wonder why this should be
Some people can never learn for to live happy at least anyhow that's how it seems to me
With others for their idea of what success is always competing suppose they cannot help the way that they are
Than their neighbors they want a bigger home and a nicer garden and for to drive in a far bigger car
So lucky are they in their minds the contented happy with what they have they do never complain
With what they have in life they do feel quite happy and they never do envy others their gain.

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