WB (June,19th,1979 / BATNA, ALGERIA)

So Many And This My Fate Is

So many words I want to say.
So strong in my heart is my love.
And so hard to let you go away,
My heart, my soul; you – my dove.

So many words I want to spell,
Only three words I can do:
« I love you », in my heart dwell,
And in my soul and mind; you.

Being together and hoping to be
With you, a dream, may it come true?
Wishing well all time for you and me
That one day, I would better live with you.

And then so many things I wish to do,
And all what my heart wishes is you,
And before all that, so nice is true
To have and be such LOVE – you knew.

A kind of life, you and me are living,
And each of us tries to keep on giving
Without expecting from the other in return;
And then such LOVE others wish to burn

A love when anyone hasn't once been in,
And none of them can realize it is a sin
To have such an envy towards my heart
That of which my very LOVE is a part.

To whom my very affection is devoted,
To whom my life would indeed have no sense
If once I would find her again on the fence
To reveal her deep emotions so seen offended.

This and then it could be our anticipated DESTINY
To live and have so MAY troubles in getting our life.
And then my FATE to foresee my LOVE to you for eternity,
Living and surviving even if stabbed with a keen knife.

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