So Many Blessings

You have filled my worldly cup... Lord,
it floweth over, and spills
you have given me so much...Lord,
my heart with a quiet joy, fills,

whenever I asked, u gave... Lord,
whenever troubled you were there,
whenever I dreamt, it came true, .... Lord,
with you every doubt I could share,

and when the shadows were dark.... Lord,
the night so long and frightening,
you filled my heart with a quiet faith,
and my burden seemed to be lightening,

I walk the tiring path.... Lord,
I trudge the hills with fortitude,
I need no one but you.... Lord,
I feel you in my solitude.

whatever life holds for me...Lord
I can face, with you by my side,
you are my only true friend,
my invsible strength and my guide.

Bless those who are dear to me...Lord
and all others less fortunate than me,
lead me gently to your lap...Lord
and help set me free

by Arti Chopra

Comments (2)

the absolute faith in our lord runs in our blood...A soul soothing poem....
wow, arti, at last i have learnt to pray. thanks.