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So Many Good Writers

So many good writers in the World of today
Who can only get their work published if for it they do pay
In a fair literary World it would not be this way
Perhaps it is not what you know but who you know as some do say
Why so many good writers as almost unknown do remain
Does seem to say the least rather hard to explain
Their work being rejected by book publishers not good for their self esteem
Success to achieve in the Literary World not at all easy it does seem
So many good unpublished writers over the decades in numbers have grown
And sadly for them they will die as the literary unknown
For many good writers in writing no money or fame
At their disappointment at their lack of success them one can hardly blame
Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
In writing as in most things for one to win big many have to lose

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An honest view of the difficulty in producing great work. So many talented and gifted writers competing in this world today. Thank You