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Ballad Of The Common Man

Just like ole Tom Joad
in the Grapes of Wrath,
he defends the down and out
and seeks the higher path.

His hero is Woody Guthrie
who said this land is ours;
he longs to raze the strip malls
and cover them with flowers.

He believes in New Deal values
and good old charity.
He salutes the common man
and thinks he should be free.

He thinks money is fine
but brotherhood is divine.
Money means very little
in the bread line.

Just like John Lennon,
he imagines a different view:
A better world, a sweeter life
for me and for you.

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Greed is a vice that exists in many people. Greed captures them spoils humanity. They need more and more and no satisfaction is seen. Wonderful and thought provoking poem this is wisely shared.10