PP (03/06/1959 / Chicago)

So Many Questions

When I look in the mirror
I think back and see a girl
I realize now, I lost a part of her

Was I a normal girl?
Were you a girl like me?
Why did this happen to me?

How did this happen?
Didn't anyone hear or see?
Didn’t anyone believe?

I pleaded, cried and begged
And I said 'no'
I'm confused, was this love?

Why was she is disgraced?
She did not ask for this
Now she is so displaced

My feelings crippled and hurt
But I pretend everything’s ok
I go on living day to day hurt

If I let you in, you would see my sin
You might see the real Me
That little girl yelling “Please”

Sometimes when I look in the mirror
I can almost see that little girl
Before her past had changed her

She used to be happy, and carefree
All she wanted, was to dream
Can I be that happy girl again?

It's hard to let somebody in
When you've heart has been exploited
It's hard to let someone go
When your pride has been destroyed

How can I do this all on my own?
How can I let you see my heart?
All I can do is try and do my part

Please, do try not to hurt me
Will 'you' take care of me?
Or would you even care to see?

Why can't I make things clear?
The noise in my ears is deafening
Yet no one else can hear

Sometimes I get so confused
Is this why I do what I do
When I hurt my loved ones so

I can't explain it
But I can understand it
At least it's best to know

by Pookey's Poems

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