IG (April 13,1991 / Salem, OH)

So Many Tears

Hidden in a world so far away,

you'll never be found no matter how loud you scream.

They won't understand and they'll ignore you.

No matter how many tears that fall from your eyes,

they won't sympathize,

your're unwanted again and that's no surprise.

You curl up and die,

drownded from the tears you cried.

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Comments (5)

They won't understand and they'll ignore you. donot cry dear it will only shame and people will not understand you. you ignore them and hide your emotions.....10 read mine ....cry not..all dredams not come true
I love the haunting quality of your work, how you manage to tell a story in so few words.
a sad sad poem..next tym u cry il catch those tears of yours and rid them from ur eyes..hold ur head up high my friend..u are truly amazing..great poem
This is such a sad poem Isabella....Cheer up my dear...Life is not that bad.
Yes! ! very touchy and nice poem........... beautiful expression! 10+