So Many

The cool breeze settles on my face.
Darkness creeps around me
Alone in this strange place
I feel the pain inflicted upon me
Wishing I could be more that just me
Trying to be so strong for so long
Just trying to get along
I can taste the bitterness
Of what I have become
Will I make until tomorrow
And live this life full of sorrows
So many promises made
So many promises broken
Just so many times
Left Alone and Broken
No longer can I live this way
No longer can I fight this pain
So I close my eyes and take a breath
As I pull the knife up to my chest
A quick trust will end my breathe
A quick trust into my chest
I feel the warmth trickle down my hand
So many just don’t understand
What its like to live this way
What its like to feel the pain
That gathers in the depths of your soul
The pain that is so hard just to let go
This is what you all have done to me
Is this what you wanted me to be
So angry so lost
That I can no longer see
What this life has in store for me.

by Jennifer Kilby

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