So Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow,
when the time is right
I will be able to confess
my undying love forever
to my precious wife.
Everyday we walk
in each other’s footprints
in the sand,
but we never find the time
to pause and say I love you.
We do it with everything we do,
but we never seem to find the time
to utter the words I love you.
So maybe tomorrow
we will find, a quiet bit of time
to pause during the day to say
darling I love you.

by David Harris

Comments (1)

Don't be dodgy Dave and wait till Mark said tomorrow may never never no when your number is up...You two show love in so many ways....but to say the words validates it for you and her....puts the roots deeper into the ground.....shows your love is always around....shows what you two have is sound: O)