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So Much
KH (march 6,1990 / )

So Much

Poem By Katie Huntress

i look down from the cliff,
getting ready to jump,
but then i see you their
with your arms wide open
getting ready to catch me if i jump,
you are their when i need you,
i love you so much,
you look out for me,
you worry about me,
i thank you so much,
you bring up the most random things
tom make me laugh,
you are someone i can talk to,
i tust you so much,
i am glad you are here,
i don't know what i would do if you weren't,
you are the only one that really knows me,
you know my dilemmas,
i thank you so much,
i walk away from the cliff,
i go down were you are,
and i say thank you.


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