So Much To A Long Friend

I always thought that the strong can withstand
For as they trample with great strength above the sand.
No! I am wrong, just as my flesh lust
And will one day under the earth turn to dust
For this life of fantasy,
Has turned all to vanity.

You always stood smiling and cheerful
But never knew one day, would make us to be tearful
For i write with a heavy heart
Because from my whole you were a great part.
Still i have to smile on
For the world above is where we go when we pass on

So much to a long friend
How i wish you were to the end
The blanket of darkness has covered your eyes
But such a blessing in disguise.

Your ever beauty will always remain
Though the flesh crushed and caused so much pain
In my heart you will always be
Till the life after us where we would be free.

by uchenna nnodum

Comments (2)

RIP CHIDI......we miss u! u shud pst this on that chidi memorial page, on face book. dont know if u were writing bout him but that's who came to mind.
what a tribute to friendship, even after death... sensitive write.god bless10+