So Must Hurt Like Hell To Be You

I sit in my room at night,
And think of all the things, you'd put me through.
Sometimes I can't believe, I'm alive,
While others, I'd wished I'd died.
You betrayed me, you lied.
In the end, my love, you denied.
You'd make the fault mine,
If only you could.
You'd cut me to pieces,
If only you had an escape.
You'd torture me to death,
Had I not trapped you.
I'm strong!
And that kills you.

You hate to see me with other guys,
You hate to see me say goodbye,
You hate to see me rise,
But nothing could kill me,
Not even your ugly lies!

The times you cheated, I greatly despise.
The times you lied, I deeply realize.
Though your plate is full,
While mine never will be,
And you won't get off easy because of me.

My love, my dear, my precious one,
All that you put me through,
I turn around and strike
Not once, but twice!
I do it worse to you.
Yet, it's very true,
I do what a girl's gotta do,
So must hurt like hell to be you.

by Adnana Saric

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