So Negative

Always worrying about others and not yourself
you miss the qualities you lack so you put us down.
The bitter words sting as you pour the salt on the wound
not caring that you are hurting others in the process.
Your main objective is to make yourself better
by being a constant negative thus ruining the positive equation.
On the outside you're stiff, cruel, down right evil.
Yet, on the inside you're crying out for purity and redemption
but that is too far from your reach now, that point has passed by.
It's utterly sickening to even be around you now, I can't stand it!
I arrive, telling you my joys and just as quickly you dampen them
or so you thought, your words don't hurt me.
But, your words do hurt others and I see that too.
I try with all my might not to say a word to counter act yours
but enough is enough and I'm tired of the darkness you emit.
So remove that minus sign above you head and remove the stormy
clouds and start to feel happy for others and stop hurting them too.
See things for what they are and start feeling better about you.

by Jacqueline Dougherty

Comments (2)

Wow, you really summed that one up! Great job explaining. Sometimes it's just better to avoid negative ppl, in hopes they won't bring you down. They are really crying out for something they lack in themselves, which you explained so well.
Wow... very strong write! You didn't pull any punches... nice job! Brian