(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

So Nothing Is Done

Do you get the feeling,
That it doesn't matter who says what...
About anyone or anything anymore.
This seems especially true...
In small towns with nohing but gossip,
For folks to value.
The more things change...
The less those who desperately need to change,
Even in big cities,
There are small minded folks!

The mindsets of small town folks,
Will be guaranteed to be left reliably...
Small minded and uninvolved.
But yet upset with 'them'
Because 'they' don't 'act' like they care,
About their problems.
Those who sit on stoops...
And/or push baby carriages,
Around the blocks where their babies fathers,
Seeking tips on good luck,
To dropp in their pockets!

They have suffered from under the rug swept stuff...
These folks!

With claims to have problems...
That have been historically ignored,
By those praying to God for solutions.
And when they come...
They don't like what has to be done!
So nothing is...
It just decays!
And folks find ways to celebrated it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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