This is my
Minor setback…
In this
Small town
Small place
Small world,
Where a boy can’t love a girl.
This is the
Agony that
Was given to me…
This joyful groom.
Pretentious life.
Unbroken toys.
Where girls
Keep the
Bickering for the boys.
This is my
Happy ending…
Angry home.
Storm full cries.
Barren womb.
Where everyone has a tomb.
And this is
Where I left him…
Silent boy.
Narrow smile.
One hard to find,
Where he stays in my mind.

by timelia tison

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i did it for my shawly.
Mbutao: No, No. To be happy, one must be determined to be, no matter the way the world turns. Anyone can Cry in their Soup. It takes a wise and determined person to come out on top no matter what. And this is not what God wanted for you! You are only looking in the wrong direction, Make something of you before you look for love elsewhere. Adeline