So Sorry

I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for who I've been
Sorry for where its gone
So sorry to lose a friend

I'm sorry I let you down
I'm sorry things can't be the same
Sorry for my impropriety
So sorry I'm the one to blame

I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough
I'm sorry for not following through
Sorry for dropping the ball
So sorry for me and you

by Brian Dorn

Comments (21)

Sorry for dropping the ball. I am so sorry you were not strong enough. So sweet
Good poem, well expressed, like it. Read mine - Cicatrix - Adeline
Great idea. When you don't have the humility/humbleness to apologize to that person from the heart, directly, just write a manipulative poem saying you're sorry. Magnificant idea. That way, your pride doesn't get hurt, nor your reputation for people knowing that you screwed up. Keep up the great word, Bri. 'God' bless. ~Psycho.
Very difficult words to say, but it certainly lets others know that you area man or a woman when one takes the responsibility to do so. Fantastic write Brian. --Melvina--
This poems says so takes real courage to apologise from the heart...lovely poem Leila
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