So Sorry

I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for who I've been
Sorry for where its gone
So sorry to lose a friend

by Brian Dorn Click to read full poem

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Sorry for dropping the ball. I am so sorry you were not strong enough. So sweet
Good poem, well expressed, like it. Read mine - Cicatrix - Adeline
Great idea. When you don't have the humility/humbleness to apologize to that person from the heart, directly, just write a manipulative poem saying you're sorry. Magnificant idea. That way, your pride doesn't get hurt, nor your reputation for people knowing that you screwed up. Keep up the great word, Bri. 'God' bless. ~Psycho.
Very difficult words to say, but it certainly lets others know that you area man or a woman when one takes the responsibility to do so. Fantastic write Brian. --Melvina--
This poems says so takes real courage to apologise from the heart...lovely poem Leila
Brian, an excellent poem. Displays all the virtues that we all wish we had. It so easy to say sorry, but some of us just can't. It doesn't make everything go away, but at least it helps. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing it. David
Excellent Poem Brian, Not too many people are compassionate enough to say they are sorry. You at least know how to. It really takes a good person to. Take care.
To recognize the wrong in something we've done and be truly sorry about it, you have displayed quite well here Brian. All the best, Diane
Humble sentiment expressed with a pleasing structure and lack of self-consciousness. I very moving piece. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saying we are sorry can come very easily Being sorry whilst saying it, well, that is something quite different You have displayed the latter Well done Brian for a wonderful reminder for us all Love duncan X
first i read this as sarcastic, then as merely flippant, and felt offended. like what does he really mean? i'm not sure i ever felt that you were truly sorry though. it was nice to unravel so many meanings....
The Dali Lama said, 'When you lose, don't lose the lesson.' Much richness to you.
I cannot imagine such a sincere apology not being accepted. Very touching write, Brian. Wishing you and your friend a better tomorrow. Warm regards, Sandra
Honest and heartfelt, an apology like this could not be refused. Nicely constructed too. Well done, Brian. Esther : ]
To recognise our wrongs and then have the guts to openly admit them and apologise shows great strength of character. Sorry often is the hardest word...great poem Brian, you've delved deep into the human psyche once again...Justine.
Brian>>>I think you've rightly earned an 'apology accepted', from whoever... You have compassion, & wisdom to own up to any misgivings we have all been cause & victim to...Great Write, my friend...! FJR
this really made me think about my past........i really like it. Nice job.: ]
Oh, Brian, you have done a real penance with this poem. It makes one near to tears at how sorry you are. Very deep and intense write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
If you havn't ever felt like this..well you might be on all four.Like Patrica said we all screw up.that is the first step.asking for forgivness is part of healing.Nice job Brian
Sometimes we screw up, as you have stated in this piece, but reconizing the mistake is the first step......and you have displayed this well