The Night Of Power (Dramatic Monologue)

The Night Of Power - Dramatic Monologue
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I am The Night Of Power! The Night Of Power! !
In lunar month Ramadan is my position and
For me this sacred month has been chosen ever
So, it has been the most significant month in the world;

I am made the most valuable night here
Also, as The Night Of Opportunity human may treat me
As all may not be lucky to get me in their year
Again, all cannot importantly avail me;

At the last part of Ramadan I am ascertained
By Allah and has sent His great book the holy Quran
For human to get the path is really right
That to save themselves here and hereafter they can;

Here in this month I am any uneven night
To seek me Allah has ordered human
And to be on praying activities for the whole night
For their immortal souls' salvation;

Allah Himself has greatly evaluated me saying that
I am the better than thousand of months,
So the people who will properly pray at me, this night
Shall get as He declared for the much benefits.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │ 12 June,2018

by Muzahidul Reza

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Why do some of these poems sound like they are read by a female robot?