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So There's This Guy

I don’t know him well,
Only time will tell,
If we’re meant to be,
Together we will see.

I met him in a hot tub,
Where we were dared to kiss.
He looked so cute in that hot tub,
It was a chance I sorely miss.

And now we talk and text,
From one day to the next.
And every day we learn a little more,
Texting between our daily chores.

Run out of things to talk about,
And so play truth or dare.
I really truly doubt,
That we are playing very fair.

It’s odd, when I think of him,
Confusion clouds my thoughts in mind.
It’s odd, how I feel inside,
I don’t know how much like him.

Gorgeous curly blonde hair,
Piercing green eyes.
So do I dare?
Those eyes, my good sense dies.

I don’t think I can finish this,
Not just yet, not just now.
No, I cannot yet finish this,
Since I can’t pin my thoughts down.


”And sometimes the words,
Are never enough.
No matter how much I write,
I cannot sleep through the night.” –quote from ‘Why I Write’


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