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So They Say
TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)

So They Say

Poem By timelia tison

So They Say

They said I wasn’t a part of the making.
Because my heart had too much, it isn’t taking.
And the end isn’t near so keep praying.
Run down the street;
In front of you door.
Screaming and crying till my body becomes sore.
Just then I breakdown and fall on one knee;
Watching through the window till I leave.
Can you me please?
Help me please…
I want to throw away the things I promise to truly believe.
I now see—
That you’re not so perfect.
In this life I did deserve it.
So they can say ‘Wish her away’.
But in the end I’m still me.
They said I was too weak to fly.
Hold on to the girl, she’s about to die.
One more look and they all cry.
Because they spread all the guilt and consume the lies.
To tell you the truth, I can’t take anymore.
Hiding the thoughts that beat me to the core.
Move on with a smile on my face,
I finally found my happiest place.
And still l breath.

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