TS (17/8/1980 / Kuwait)

So This Is Who I Am

So this is who I am
a tear in the face of wind's blows
a swinging heart made of steel
a lion's roar but full of fear
tied up and tired between time's claws

So this is who I am
a rich man bounded to poverity
a wiseman in face of a maze
a crying eye full of blaze
innocent man but can't believe not guilty

So this is who I am
the kings kingdom without a throne
a sleeping soul never rose up
or a breathe never caught up
a treasure held and must be to the sea thrown

So this is who I am
a sea in the face of the ocean's rage
a moon after a burning sun
or a tired man after so long run
or maybe just a poem out of page

So this is who I am
a lost soul in heavens and earth
a child had no childhood before
nor a man that can see a future afore
a person feeling not yet out of birth

So this is who I am
contradiction of enigma
creature out of stand
of feeling so grand
a man out of a dogma
so this is who I am

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