So Tonight

Honey, I love you with all of my soul.
You're the piece that makes me whole,
but times aren't the best and this I know.

So tonight, I'll rest my head on the pillow
and watch the headlights of cars go by.
The glass will shine and remind me of you.

Darling, I have so much hope and I'm so proud.
I wish we weren't stuck in such a dark cloud,
but I'm so thankful for the time you've allowed.

So tonight you should rest in the bed,
and dream of something as beautiful as yourself,
I would too, but I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful.

My angel, don't you worry about me for now.
We always seem to make it through somehow
and we will have more wonderful times if you'll allow.

So tonight, we'll sleep and have our peace
and maybe in the morning the sun will rise
and wipe these tears away from our eyes.

by Moth Harris

Comments (1)

I don't like the male character's crying in this write... I think men tend to imagine things which are NOT there and this causes the grey clouds hang above their heads neadlessly... Great write... The very last verse is my favourite :)