So True So Sad.

Do you know what emo truly is,
Why you hate them so much,
Is it cause they have better hair then you and it looks good on them not you,
People show ignorance towards emo’s,
Yes some may suffer from depression and cuts on themselves but that don’t mean all emo’s are that way,
A true emo don’t care what others say,
A true emo will dress however they feel like it,
A true emo will listen to whatever music they want.
Are you scared that emo’s are taking over your life yet you choose to make fun of them and push them around as if they were nothing to you,
They breathe,
They talk,
They Walk,
They make take better pictures then you but don’t be jealous cause they have something you don’t,
Its called emotions get used to it,
Everyone has there own personality,
There own styles,
Not all emo’s are scared,
Not all emo’s cry themselves to sleep,
If you think you know what emo is you better look in the mirror,
Cause Emo’s are humans.

by Christina Acosta

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agreed i hope my school mates read this coz someone in school hates me coz i'm emo: (
so so so so so so true.i luv it
That is so true, i agree with you on that
that is a very great thinking of yours. you are really blessed with imagination and true use of words. i really enjoyed very much. please read my poems at i will be very greatful if you comment me \thank u keep it up.