So Unique

Your poison to make.
Seems to have had me,
Both approving it to defend.
And willing to take to taste, It.
With it to know all this time,
I am the first one...
You come to find easy,
To humiliate and abuse.
And amuse yourself,
When you unleash your love...
To display such hate.
And there I am,
Both defending and taking it!
Without hesitation.

So unique,
Has been our relationship.
You can count on me,
To come running.
The moment to defend you.
And without pretense.
Quicker than a false allie.
But me you mock nonstop.
With profane and maintained,

So unique our relationship.
You prefer to treat me,
As if a captured creature...
You've domesticated to stay,
In one of your created zoos.
So unique what it is,
That appears between us.
No matter how you excuse it...
Like an abandoned dog,
I'm still there for you.
And found remaining loyal.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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