So Utterly Dumb

I used to ask
many questions
not stopping
until I know
the real story
I begged, I wept
still the answer
was not given
to me honestly

Now I know...
I do not need
to beg, to weep
for answers...
his actuation,
has given me
the whole truth

I will no longer ask
I will no longer weep
I will just keep silent
truth hurts so much
It made me numb
believing all his lies
had made me feel
so utterly dumb...

by Phoenix1 Smith

Comments (2)

So intense...sometimes, that negativity push you to possitivity...loved it....a good write...perfect 10 Cheryl
Nicely portrayed. Our grasp of someone's nature may change with every new experience based on our mutual interaction. Thanks a lot for sharing the poem.