So Very Clear

I don't expect you to know me.
Or how I managed to travel this far,
Without you.
I had to put my life on hold,
Because of a devotion within me felt.
That kept me away from selfish endeavors.
For many years I thought less about feeding my needs.
To provide those needs for those I adore.
I didn't think twice of sacrifice.
Or having those things...
I wanted then that were nice.
I even spent nights alone without companionship.
Wishing I sat with anyone who understood,
The depth of my commitment.
And why I had to deal with it!
I even got sick...
Prepared and ready I was to embrace death.
That's when you and your friends,
Socialized without end...
Having fun and comparing dance steps.
I remember spending six weeks,
Feeling weak...
In a forced locked down isolation meant!
To heal and recover as I did...
Has created within me a freedom from limitation.
And an abundant insight instead!
I don't expect you to know me!
Or how I managed to travel this far without you.
But I do understand where you are coming from.
I was there myself!
That is why where you are is so very clear!
And I am blessed with a gratefulness,
My faith has strengthened!
Since it has been God alone,
Who has kept me here!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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