So Very Tight Within

So very tight within your arms,
it feels so good and right
pressed against your lucious lips.
Pure ecstacy being with you like this,
so tight within your arms
I don't ever want it to end.
I know that this is right
and what I've waited years for.
With my Angel at home
in your arms pressed to your lips
getting lost in the waves of
true love that we share.

You are held so very tight within
my heart and soul forevermore
and I can't wait to seal our bond
within your arms kissing your lips
so passionately and in deep loving care
to show you all the love I feel,
to let you know I'll give you my all
in everything all the time.
You are held tightly within me
and my love pulses with intensity.

I truly long so much to be in your arms
tightly held feeling your lips
against me as we share our loving warmth
giving true reassuring comfort and peace
as I tell you I love you and I will show you.
Soon so soon I pray that I'll be tightly in your arms
my dear sweet Angel and only one.

by Michael P. McParland

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