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So We Dream...
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So We Dream...

Poem By Evan Skora

Endless days,
Pointless nights,
Sleep talking,
Sleep walking.

Where this road ends I will never know,
Will it end,
Will it stop,
Will it die.

Night begins to end, and
Still lieing awake,
Emotions arise,
Thoughts open.

Millions of memories pour in,
Some good,
Many bad,
Yet some undecisive.

Laughs are fake,
Love is broken,
Happyness is lost.

When pursuing happyness,
Are we pursuing it for us,
For fame,
For fortune.

Can we ever find happyness,
Will it ever find us?

No smarter a man who lays down his thoughts,
A pen,
A paper,
And the pure ambition to put what he thinks into words.

Is it possible, That
If we could see our happyness,
Would we chase the dream.

A hopeless dream,
A hopeless thought,
Rip through the seam,
Never let gravity keep you down.

So we dream...

So we dream...

If gravity was ment to keep us down,
What is ment to keep us up,
Keep us floating,
Keep us alive.

Riddles toy with our minds,
Questions resting on the side lines.

Is there a mind beyond the mind,
Can a human ever reach this second mind,
What is there but a mirror,
A reflection of what we are staring back.

What if that reflection is our second mind,
What if it is our opposite,
What if it shows us for what we really are.

To touch is to touch the mirror,
To which side of the mirror is us,
Is only the one that we feed.

Feed our dreams,
Our lives.

To which way of these paths is there a fork in the road,
Is there a middle road to take from the mirror,
Can a path be opened into, Where
Both minds are intact to us.

So we dream...

So we dream...

Can sins be forgiving,
So as says the bible.

The One says if we ask it shall be forgiving,
As so the sins shall be whipped.

Though to those who keep going without asking,
Shall endure pain,

But is some of our lives not Hell already,
Our parents fight,
Tears pour from our eyes.

As we grow through these tragedies,
Do we really grow,
Do we really gain anything as a person,
If we repeat the things we have seen as kids.

Can anyone say that they are truly happy.

We want,
We need,
We desire,
We always need more.

Life can never be perfect,
There will always be war,
There will always be fights,
There will always be hunger.

Nothing can ever satisfy our desires,

Nothing until our bodies sigh there last breath,
And we are brought up to Him.

Sins interfer with our path on our way,
Aswell as hardships,
Hard memories,
They will never go away.

We can only hope to stay on the right path of the good, And
Stay off the left path of evil.

Choosing the middle path is what you rarely see,
So many walk past it like it isnt there,
Walking by without a care.

Only the ones with the two intact can walk down thise road,
As I am walking alone.

I walk through the paths of hardships,
Paths of happyness and glory,
Paths of death and despar,
And all others in my way.

I walk my own path.

Not knowing,
Not a care of where im going.

Just knowing that I will get there,
Knowing that there are no friends behind me,
In front or next to me.

Only Him.

So we dream...

So we dream...

To God I pray that people will keep there own path,
Mine is nothing to be proud of,
Nothing to be happy about.

Yet I find it comforting.

A gentle breeze now-and-then,
Swaying my body left and right,
Crying through the trees at night,
Rippling its sound into the sky.

Rain pours down,
Thunder bellows,

So many things of nature around me,
I feel protected by all the beings of the forest,
And my faithful friend beside me, behind me, And
Leading my way through dark times.

If it was ever to be a truly perfect world for my path,
Nature would be free to roam wherever it may please,
Grant itself admission to stay alive from hunters,
And live peacefully uncaged and unharmed.

So we dream...

So we dream...

Temptations pour into us,
We counter-act the easy ones sure, But
What about our desires, our hopes,
Our dreams.

What about our life.

The temptations attack your mind like a virus,
They eat away until you do the thing that you know is wrong.

We wish we had full control,
We wish we were strong enough,
We wish so many things, That
Even if we get it,


So we dream...

So we dream...

A human being,
About the easiest thing to tear apart in this world.

Find the thing they cherish most and break it,
Taunt them about it,
Find anything bad to say, And
The human will break down.

Its just that simple,
And its just that hard.

Problems are easy to point out in anything,
It is so easy to blame it on other people,
It is so easy to pick away at a persons soul till they crack.

Its just that simple,
And its just that hard.

To forget is to ignore,
To forgive is to cherish.

Walk outside and say the sky is green!

No one will care.

Run outside and scream that you see bombs heading for us!

People will scream,
And hide.

People will listen when 'their' lives are at stake,
People will listen when 'their' possessions are at stake,
People will listen when 'their' houses are at stake.

But saying something you think,
Saying something you believe in,
Standing out in this world!

Will get you mocked,
Laughed at, And
Made fun of.

Being different isnt the issue,
Its everyone being exactly the same thats the problem.

So we dream...

So we dream...

If we were ment to be the same,
Ment to have the same clothes,
Ment to agree on everything,
Ment to act just as the person next to you.

Then we were ment to be in Hell.

Being different is normal.

People exclude,
Stand tall,
People laugh,
Stand tall.

You are your own person,
Born with rights just the same as others,
No different are you from people of different colors,
Nor people who are seen as powerful.

Exactly what is power to people,
The command of others.

So many lost to the pursuit of power,
So many dead,
So many troubled,
So many.

So many.

Each person born is born with individual talents,
Strength and weaknesses,
Each born with different traits,
And personalites.

Where does the path end,
Where will it stop,
A cliff, an ocean, Or
Will it keep going on and on.

Each person is born on a different path,
Some destined to glory and fame,
Others destined to the streets and hunger,
And some no one knows.

You can take a different path,
But in the end,
You will get back to your origional path.

A sad truth,
Some don't want to believe this fact,
Some argue,
Some refuse.

Though our lives are planned from the beginning time,
Each of us put on the path we must take,
Each of us put on the Earth to follow one reason,
We do not know of our lives.

We, through our eyes,
Are just taking the path,
We believe that we are making our life,
When in all along we are just in a maze.

There is three paths to take,
There are two ultimatums to the maze,
Heaven, Or

Many things can be put on a paper,
Many things can be put into words, But
Only actions show for what you are.

So we dream...

So we dream...

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