So What

So what if we don’t understand
Why we should be together, hand in hand?
So what if others disapprove
When it’s all done, isn’t it just me and you?

So what if they say you’re only stress?
You’re the one I know would bring out my best
So what if they say we’re years apart?
They can’t understand matters of the heart.

So what if I confess the truth?
You’re at the top of my pursuit
So what if I decide to fare
... the injustice of you not here?

So what if you put up a fight?
You’re still the last thing on my mind each night
So what if I stay on my knees
And pray for you more than I pray for me?

So what if he still comes around?
Does it mean your whole life must shut down?
So, what if you don’t want to leave?
Is that supposed to hinder me?

So what if I decide to stay
To hold on to this, come what may?
So what if I decide to do -
.. all in my power to be with you?

So what if I’m wasting my time?
You’ll always be the one on my mind
Even if I find that I should have quit
I’ll still be content, ‘cuz you were worth it.

by Eric Wallace

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