So Where Have You Been

As his legal guardian...
And at least fifty percent of the time,
I can say...
I recognized him on the streets.
I have come to defend his belligerent behavior.

Your 'honorship'...
We all know boys will be boys.
And we do the best we can,
To raise them to be irresponsible
And thoughtless.

Butchy D is no different.
I taught him the ropes.
Trained him myself...
To be conniving as possible.
He is not at fault here!

~Then who is?
Who is accountable for his misdeeds?
Who should we hold responsible,
For his total lack of concern for others.
His only claim to fame is fathering children.~

That would be his mother!
She was never there for the boy!
Claiming she had to work,
To make ends meet.
And I paid her twenty five dollars a week,
In child support.

~So where have you been,
Most of his life? ~

No disrespect, Your Judgeness...
But I've got my own life to live!
You think I should have given up,
My own activities.
To be there for these worthless kids!
I've got my own reputation to maintain.

~We are going to lock him up.
Rehabilitate him.~

That will give me an opportunity,
To get inside his head!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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