So You Don't Like Poetry?

It's a voice
Just like you and me
It shortens distances
Allowing all together to see

Souls gravitated
By crafted boundaries
Poetry transcends
These misled trajectories

It makes it clear
By pointing the obvious
Where hearts turn blind
And minds oblivious

It understands
The human psyche
Beyond known oratory
Meant to strike a spike

It partakes
In oddity and beauty
All at once
A human with a duty

It makes those
Voiceless have a voice
It makes those
Without choice design a choice

It gives meaning to words
And words leave a mark
When one's brain battery drops charge
It lights phosphorous in the dark

by Ragy Sandid

Comments (3)

A poem that can turn non-believers into believers. Excellent write, Ragy.
Wow... such a very good poem, Ragy....a full vote of 10+++++
a reason to go on writing it all-a purpose-a voice-a calling-thank you!