So You Gave Up On Me

So Im new to this world
New to this life
I'm new to this pain
New to this strife

But Ive learned a little bit
Of whats in this crazy little world
Ive learned I don't want to be like you
I am not that kind of girl

At times it seems like I'm alone
And thats perfectly fine
Because after all
This life is only mine

I know there are things out there
That I am completely ignorant to
I know I have much to learn
But so do you

You act like you know it all
But in truth, you dont
You can try to manipulate me
Good luck, because you wont

I fall asleep to emptiness in my heart,
Music blasting in my ears,
Broken hopes and dreams,
and pointless tears

This isnt what I wanted
But this is how it has to be
I wasnt what you wanted
So you gave up on me

**This is my first poem after a while of not writing anything. Please give me your honest opinion. I can take it.

by M.A. Ces

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Has a basic honesty to it