So You Say (It Just Doesn'T Matter)

Poem By Andre Bradford

so you say
that there is no difference between you and me
but if i asked for your daughter's hand in marriage
what color would i be

so you say
that everyone is the same and has an equal chance to grow
but if we were both going for the same job position
what part of you would show

so you say
that things are so much better than before
but is it you or me being followed
in that korean grocery store

so you say
no one is smarter or better than one another
but when i relay my thoughts to you
your praises on my intonation and poise is the first you discover

so you say
race doesnt matter and racism doesnt exist
but when you see me walking down the street
the physiological reaction you cant resist

the clutching of purses
the denial and discrimination that is eminent when lines are crossed
the prejudged notions
are never really lost

dont say everything is better
because you dont have the right to say
and everytime you say we are equal
i have to utter 'so you say'

Comments about So You Say (It Just Doesn'T Matter)

Man, that was deep! It's sad but true, racism is very much alive and well. This was wonderfully written.
Some interesting points on racisms taint, you raise here Andre. Just remember, there are lots of isms people cling to besides the colour thing. Well done for highlighting this particular one. 9 from Tai

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