So You Think You'Re In A Disney Movie

Poem By Mandy Parker

Technicolor reflections in ponds.
Beautiful women in danger, saved at the last second.
'Someday my prince will come.'
The small town talents
Who always manage to succeed,
Overcoming great odds
And defeating all obstacles.
Instant fame, instant fortune,
Instant admiration.
Falling in love is always forever.

Can it be that the American dream
Is just that- a dream?

Is the American dream really
Only a Disney film production?

Seldom will your mirror say,
'You are the fairest of them all.'

Rags will not turn into dazzling gowns
So you can attend the ball.

Good always prevailing over evil,
One kiss meaning 'happily ever after',
Portable dragons perched on your shoulder
Giving all the answers.

Thought as these are
A lovely fantasy, but live
Expecting them and suffer
Helplessness and anger to spare.

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i love disney! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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